Contact sheet

Thank you for considering for your Photography needs.  I specialize as a Portrait Artist.  There is a lot that goes into the creative process so that your Portrait is unique.  Here are a few tips and suggestions for you to help make this the best experience possible.


1)       Please be rested.  Get a good night’s sleep.  If you are tired you will yawn, slouch, and your eyes will not sparkle.   

2)      Please Hydrate.  Drinking plenty of water makes your skin glow.  Exfoliate & Moisturize.   Please take a close look and make sure your skin is clean and fresh.   (pimples/discoloration/scars - if client requests will be Photo shopped)

3)      Refrain from drug or alcohol use the night before the photo session.   The camera will be able to see the effects and it will show in your images.

4)      Please eat a little something before the session.  If you are hungry you will be distracted and unfocused.  We want you to be sharp and present. 

5)      Practice smiling with your eyes.  Yes, look into the mirror and practice making your eyes sparkle.  Think of something FUN, a good time, a dear friend, a silly moment and let your eyes SHINE.

6)      Clothing.  Unless there is a specific style of photo session requested I ask that you wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident and special.   Neutral colors and tones (no patterns please) varying grays, black and mid tone tans are best.  White (is very reflective) and great, but I need to know prior to the shoot so I know how to set my lighting.  Please make sure your clothing is wrinkle and lint free.  

7)      Hair/Makeup.   Hair, please style your hair straight and simple.  If we find that we need something special we can style it at the studio.  Makeup, I ask clients to wear nominal makeup.  A matte foundation is best.  Use eyeliner and Mascara to maximize your eyes (eye shadow is unnecessary and please no glitter.)   Eyebrows- lightly fill in eyebrows.  Lip – light or nude colors.  Clear gloss please (no glitter).  Please bring your makeup so you can retouch if needed. 

8)      Nails.   I would prefer clear nail polish on nails and toenails but if color please make sure it is in good shape.

9)      ALERT:  if you are going to get your hair cut or dyed or get your eyebrows waxed please try and do this at least 3 days to a week before the session.  We want a natural look. 

10)   Attitude is crucial.  Let’s have FUN with this photo shoot!  Be prepared to make a funny face. 

Looking forward to working with you.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.   Gina