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P A I N T E R L Y Images with Gina Zhidov 3 weeks

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Painterly Image

window light



1 textured overlay


Check out my podcast Painterly Images for techniques

L E V E L  3

Image + Vision = ART


3 – Week course, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Required:  minimum of 4 students signed up for class to make.  Students will be notified. 

Sign up deadline is 3 days before first class.

Students receive a pdf course booklet.

Students will need a tripod. 

This course is designed for the Photographer who is comfortable shooting in manual mode.   I will be teaching this course using Photoshop.  It is best if students have a laptop with Photoshop to use in class.  We will learn how to SEE Artistic images before we take them and use in – camera techniques to create Art with our images in Photoshop. 

As Photographers, we use our creative eye and elements of Art to see and create strong images every day.    We place ourselves and observe, connecting to the moments of line, shape, form, texture and color.  Learning to see your subject before you photograph it and understanding how to create in - camera painterly images and backgrounds will raise your Photography to the next level.  – Gina Zhidov

Week 1    How to Pre-Visualize your Painterly images

Train your eye to see painterly image subjects, landscapes, portraits.  Look for certain shapes, colors and textures.  Understand which elements, when brought together will create a Painterly image.  See the soft lighting of a cloudy day, know how to spot locations and the best time to shoot. 

Learn how to study the Old World Masters paintings. Find inspiration with how they composed objects to create depth and use of triangles and leading lines.  How they conveyed light.  The use of rich colors with fabrics and backgrounds. 

Week 2   Field trip (if weather allows, otherwise will have subjects in class to photograph)

Students will learn how to photograph a subject using in-camera techniques such as selective focus, manual focus and shallow depth of field to create a painterly image.  Learn how using textured backgrounds can instantly enhance your straight out of camera painterly image!

Week 3   Combining what we have learned to create ART. 

In this final class, we will use the images you have created in class and with Photoshop use simple layers, blending modes and opacity levels, masks & brush tools to create your vision.  I feel this class is a great way to introduce working with layers in Photoshop.  I make it easy and fun.  

Classes are held at the Gina Zhidov Photography studio 327 North 6th, Chickasha.  

Gina Zhidov Photography | 327 North 6th, Chickasha | 941.447.1299 | www.chickashaphotoclasses.com 

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