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Night Photography with Johnny Trammell



2 night workshop, November 10th - 11th $99.00

7:00-10:00 each night

Class size 10

Workshop location Gina Zhidov Photography Studio 327 North 6th, Chickasha 

A tripod is not required, but recommended.   Students can use any lens.  A wide angle is great for landscapes and capturing lightning shots.  

Students need to have basic understanding of proper exposure by using manual settings on their camera.

"Photographer Johnny Trammell creates magical night photography & long exposure images with a creative eye, skill and patience.   His Art has been displayed in multiple galleries and he is currently a featured Artist at the Paseo District.  Johnny brings proven experience and talent to his Night Photography & Long Exposure workshop. " - Gina Zhidov

Learn how to capture the beauty and mystery when the sun goes down!

Students will learn how to create art by photographing lightning, light trails

and transforming moving water into mystical, magical, dreamy images.


Class #1 Long exposure photography will be studied and explained in

detail. Learn specific techniques for nighttime and long exposure

photography. Learn formulas for proper exposure. Will explain how to

make ghost and multiple images of same person in one frame!

“Light Painting” can be used to set your nighttime images apart from

all others. Learn composition and technical tips which apply specifically

to nighttime photography. Goal is to teach every class member how to

create their own WOW images!

Class # 2 Field trip designed to allow each student to use information

learned in class one to make artistic photos using their camera and their

creativity. Classroom knowledge translated into stunning photography!

Light trails, moving water, light painting, star photography, and

photographing fire will all be subjects to be mastered during class 2.

Workshop location Gina Zhidov Photography Studio 327 North 6th, Chickasha | www.ChickashaPhotoClasses.com | 941.447.1299

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