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CANCELLED Intermediate Photography 5 week course CANCELLED

Intermediate Photography

Level 2 Course

A 5 week course, Thursdays 2 hour class.  Limit 7 students. $150.00

Required:  minimum of 4 students signed up for class to make.  Students will be notified. 

Sign up deadline is 3 days before first class.

This course is for the student who is familiar with shooting in Manual mode and has some experience with the basic composition principles and would like to train their eye to see creative compositions and learn to speak Visual language. 

A continuation of the Beginning Photography course with emphasis on Composition principles, learning how to speak Visual language, Advanced Camera settings, Harnessing Natural light and basic Photoshop skills for Photographers.    

• Week 1 Composition Principles continued:  Emphasis on Why understanding Composition in Photography is Important.    

When you capture a moment, it’s not just about what you are shooting, but how you shoot it as well.  Poor composition can kill a cool subject and great composition can make a simple subject become a WOW image. 

Learning to speak Visual language:  Tell the story with light, Timing, Proportion,  Subject and Color.    

Composition: The difference between a mundane landscape and a great landscape is often composition.

Balance  placing the subject off center can create a more interesting image, but it can also make the image seem off balance.  Consider having a less important, smaller, out of focus element in the opposite space of the image to create visual weight.  

Depth of Field one of the best ways to draw focus to your subject is to place your sharp focus on your subject and allow the background and other subjects to fall out of focus.  This is done with a shallow depth of field.  

Rule of Odds  look for odd primary elements grouped together.  They do not have to be similar.  An even number of objects creates a feeling of structure.  

Negative Space  leaving an empty or negative space around the subject can make it stand out! 

 • Week 2 CAMERA – Advanced Settings:  Learn your camera.  HANDS ON class.

how to adjust focal points, learning to read your camera’s internal light meter ,WB settings (auto, Daylight, Shade, Flash & Custom,) Reading your Histogram, AF MODES: (Canon -One Shot AF/AI Servo AF/Al Focus AF) (Nikon AF AREA MODES – Single Point AF, Dynamic Area AF and Auto Area AF), METERING MODES:  (Canon-Evaluative metering, Center weighted/Spot Metering/partial metering) (Nikon Metering Modes – Matrix, Center weighted and Spot) and explore Exposure Compensation in Aperture Priority.   Shooting in RAW or JPG or both and why. 

WEEK 3  

Your first Prime lens

Do you need a telephoto lens? 

How much fun can you have with a Wide Angle Lens? 

Renting vs purchasing

Think long term, crop sensor vs full frame

And all the rest; SD cards, CF cards, AA batteries, extra camera batteries, tether cables, comfortable, reliable straps and what is best for you example Black Rapid Strap vs Spider Holster.  Choosing the best Tripod.  Choosing the best carry case.  How much gear do you really need?   

 • Week # 4 Harnessing Natural Light Field trip.  (class time may be different from scheduled, location|topic will be determined closer to class time due to weather.) 

SUN light and position:   You will find that morning and evening lighting brings out rich colors and delicate shadows in your photographic subjects, whereas mid-day lighting is generally harsh and direct. For a more dramatic photograph try positioning yourself so that the sun provides side-lighting, or even back-lighting.

Learn how to get the correct exposure  in these situations.  Understand which metering mode to use and why white balance settings make a difference.

Importance of using a hood.  Depending upon if you want haze, sunbursts, and sun rays in your images using a hood is a great way to avoid sunlight spill. 

•Week # 5 Note: Final class ends at 9: 00 p.m. 

Photoshop basics for Photographers; Spot healing brush, effectively using the Clone tool, Select Tool/Refine Edge, Dodge & Burn, Curves and Hue/Saturation levels.  Saving your images PSD, JPG and TIFF. Intro to calibrating your monitor.   Intro to working with layers (level 3 course)

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Classes are held at the Gina Zhidov Photography studio 327 North 6th, Chickasha

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