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F A S H I O N Photography Course with Sikander Lodhi

Gina Zhidov Photography Presents:

CANCELLED Fundamentals of Fashion Photography Course Outline CANCELLED

By Sikander Lodhi


This is an advanced level course offered by Gina Zhidov Photography Studio in collaboration with Sikander Lodhi. Photography 101 or at least some experience shooting with DSLR and studio equipment and shooting in MANUAL MODE.


Fashion photography has many additional aspects involved rather than just taking the shot. As the photographer, you’ll also have to organize and direct the models from start to finish.

In this course we take you on a fashion shoot and go through each stage from planning the shoot, helping you get your style of shooting, working with models, organizing a venue, organizing a team from makeup artists to assistants and the actual shoot.

Photographers will be introduced to fashion styles through Lighting and Direction. They will learn how to create and produce a fashion and beauty shoot as well as direct models and work with make-up artists and their entire “crew” on set. Work done during the course, will be discussed in a group critique session.

After this course you will confidently be able to shoot fashion and beauty shoots. These are the types of shots you see in professional fashion shoots. After you learn these simple but highly effective techniques, you will have the knowledge necessary to create these amazing photographs. You will discover professional fashion photography techniques and how to set up a shoot like a Pro, and much more! Techniques learned during this session can be easily applied to your portrait, family, glamour and boudoir sessions for unique edge to your photography.


What it takes to become a professional fashion photographer … the Creative Process.


International Fashion Magazines


This is a list of items recommended but not required to take the course. Your instructor will demonstrate the use of these during the class. You DO NOT need to have these with you.

·        DSLR Camera with Lenses ranging from 24mm-70mm and 70mm – 200mm

·        Light meter, 18% Grey Card, ColorCheker Passport, ExpoDisk

·        Radio Slave unit (transmitter / receiver) for digital camera use. I use Yongnuo system for Canon and will have that available to share.

·        Laptop Computer with Capture One and Photoshop CC (optional)

·        CF/SD Card Reader andNumerous CF/SD Cards / 8GB + Backup

·        Tripod or monopod

·        Studio lighting, strobes, speed lights, various light modifiers and reflector (white and or silver)


Facebook event page, Classroom, Studio and Outdoors (weather permitting): through visualization & real life hands-on experience in Studio. Critique.


Course will be taught at Gina Zhidov Photography Studio at 327 North 6th, Chickasha. Attendees must be registered 10 days or longer prior to the day of start to fully participate in the behind the scene (BTS) portion of class.

BTS: Event page on Facebook will be created at least 10 days prior to the event. This will be used for all communication with models and hair and make-up crew. Pinterest will be used for mood board, but it is optional as we will share images in the Facebook page.

Day 1: Friday April 14th Noon to 6pm, we will work with hair and make-up team. Prepare studio to shoot. Shoot indoors and outdoors different light set-ups along with discussion.

Day 2: Saturday April 15th 4pm to 6pm we will edit few selected images from the shoot using Capture One – Photoshop CC. This section is optional but highly recommended, because it will have tons of post processing information that makes your images stand out.


$150 per person (Couples get $50 off total) Cash/Credit/PayPal. This includes a team of experienced professional models, and hair and make-up crew.


Only 8 seats are offered!  

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Please contact with questions: 

Gina Zhidov Photography www.ChickashaPhotoClasses.com

327 North 6th, Chickasha OK 73108



Sikander Lodhi www.SikanderLodhi.com


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