Client Quotes


"As I look at the photographs of me, I see ME! I don't think I could have TOLD you what "me" I wanted you to photograph, but YOU could see it! 
I have always thought your website domain name was very telling.
Your photography is not like anyone else, that's why I came to you for my pictures. 

I guess I don't have words, I just have feelings, and that's what ART is, your photography is ART! " - Laura Stream Wijkowski


"I see unconventional unique and fierce. Truthfully seeing the uniquely beautiful aspects of your subjects and fearlessly highlighting them to show the world their own style. You help people focus in on what makes them beautiful. Yes." - Virginia Savage


"Thank you for being so wonderful. I don't think I've ever felt so beautiful and confident as I did working with you.  The amount of fun I had simply taking head shots was simply ineffable. I can't wait to work with you on this upcoming project as well as hopefully many in the future." - EMMA ROSE   (Actor head shot client) 


"I love watching your skills grow!! You never cease to amaze me!! You are doing GREAT!!!! and I love how much you LOVE doing what you do! "  - Shelee Henderson  (Photographer) 


"Gina makes us look so good!!!" - Katie Davis (Theatre Director) 


Gina I love working with you. You are a blast to be around and I have never had as much fun taking photos as I do with you." - Cord Courtney (Actor head shot client ) 


"Gina Zhidov……She will make you look so so beautiful!" - Alicia Ann Working (Actor head shot client) 


"Gina, I really like your work. You have a great sense of creativity, humor and art in you photographs". - Gail Wilcox ( business owner)