Glitter In The Sun...not exactly.

So, I wanted to try and test the Nikon d3100 with some fun shots of my friend Madi with sparkling glitter in her hair, on her face and skin...gently blowing "fairy dust" glitter from her palm.  The idea was to create motion with the glitter, catch the sun light and create some hippie-esk photos of Madi.  Maybe even add sunflower petals around her eyes with Photoshop? Madi arrived being simply beautiful as always.  Hair curled, makeup perfect.  Sweet, soft attitude...perfect glitter fairy.

With glitter applied strategically and Nikon in hand we found fun backdrops of ivy, wisteria, and willow in my backyard.

After many attempts, I decided I couldn't capture the motion of the glitter spray with the lens I had available (the Nikon d3100/18-55 lens) is a loan from a friend to try.  Shutter speed was 1250, aperture was 5.3 and it was a bright HOT sunny day.

Poor Madi was eaten alive by mosquitoes and so I took a few quick shots and called it a day.

Moral of story:  Some shots are not meant to be.

I did get some fun shots of Madi with the Nikon though.  She is extremely photogenic.  But the glitter looks like dandruff! Image

So I won't be posting on fb, but here is one so you can see how the Nikon d3100 did a great job on creating some sharp, strong contrast images.  They have a moody, hippie-esk feel which I adore.