Brutal Foto Scene 2013 Part II Model: Jessica Stark

Image Jess is a friend of mine who has one of those wonderful model bodies that we all want -  tall, slender and flexible.    She always impresses me with incredibly difficult Yoga poses or, even better, full splits!    Having the option of a model that looks great in anything she wears and can turn her body into a pretzel is so beneficial to this photographer.    Whatever I ask of her, Jess is able to pull it off.    We decided to try and recreate an inspirational Herb Ritts b&w photo of Nicole Kidman.  It is a provocative pose with the model appearing to only be wearing black, thigh high boots.    The beauty and mastery of the Herb Ritts image is that, although the model appears nude, nothing is exposed.    It is all about the pose.    And as usual, Jess came prepared.  She had researched Herb Ritts and had studied the image, practicing the poses.    This shoot was very ambitious and I learned a great deal - especially the importance of thinking a shoot completely through!    Several of the poses from the Herb Ritts photography book I wanted to try were quite difficult and seemingly impossible.  After looking at them in more detail, Jess and I both came to the conclusion that the model had to be sitting or leaning against a wall to be able to get into position and hold it.   I am now in the process of revamping my cotton backdrops to a white, matte vinyl backdrop so that it can be flat against the wall for support.  Jess suggested that we shoot head shots first, then torso and full body, so that there is consistency with the poses and lighting setup.  This process will also allow for lens changes, I use a 50 mm f1.8 for head and torso shots and then I change to my 18-55 for full length.  Thank you beautiful Jess,   I completely agree!