Brutal Foto Scene 2013 Part I Model: Andrea Jones

Just 2 days after arriving home from a 2 week trip to Russia and Ukraine I set up 3 fashion photography shoots!  I had seen a Vogue Fashion Photography contest campaign open to ALL photographers and I thought it was worth a shot.  My 3 models were Andrea Jones, Jessica Stark and Soraia Pargali. With Andrea Jones, we designed a dress out of a 15 ft of sheer black fabric which was inspired by a tornado.   Creating the dress took several hours of thought and creativity, but we came up with a dress that was unique and would convey our vision of Mother Nature - tornado and empowerment.

Feeling pretty good about our results we then began the actual photo shoot.  Andrea is a skilled model; she is active in various film productions and modeling gigs.  She worked the dress and her expressions brilliantly while I yelled: “Be the tornado!”  It quickly became apparent that the images were out of focus.

Fast forward through the hours of standard, and then not so standard, camera and lighting adjustments and we painstakingly managed to get a few workable photos.  I still have no idea what happened.  Why the camera could not focus on her face and eyes is still out of my realm of photography knowledge.    Maybe the light was absorbed in all the black?  One thing I can say with certainty is it pays to have creative, reliable, never say die models.  Andrea worked incredibly hard and the process was brutal!  She did everything she could. The failure was on my side.   She is the one who was able to make it happen and get the stellar photos that evening.    Image