North Town light & shadow Part 2

Part 2 of my North Town, Chickasha Oklahoma series.

P O E T R Y with light & shadow

North town has such a beauty to me.  The colors, textures, lines.  Rust and faded tones create contrast.  

This train bridge has been here since I can remember.  My mother and I used to walk to Austin park and this bridge is along the way.  We would stop to rest and mom would let me throw rocks into line creek.  Sometimes the train would pass over while we were under the bridge,  very LOUD and exciting to watch it go over.  

Underneath another bridge, there's L O V E.  Spray painted stories on the metal frames under the bridge for only a few who know.   Makes me smile to think about how many people pass over the bridge daily totally unaware of the vibrant, poetic colors just below.  

At the end of the day, when things slow down.  It's quiet.  The birds are gathering in the trees, families are home, dinner is on the stove.  The t.v. is on.  A slight chill is in the air.  Another day is done.  

North town has so many great subjects to photograph!   

Gina Zhidov Photography | 327 North 6th, Chickasha |