Glamour & Grit - Vanity Fair-esque Portrait booth 2016

This weekend I was hired to create a Portrait booth at a black tie event.  An amazing opportunity and I was thrilled to be able to do it.   Since the event would be upscale and guests would be in fabulous dresses and tuxedos, I instantly knew I wanted to create a Vanity Fair set.  Glamour and Grit was the theme.  I wanted to juxtapose the richness of tones and fabrics in the attire with the worn and faded patina of the furniture and props.  

It took about a month to prepare for this event.

 Researching prop ideas and the how to's in creating over sized pieces was a fun challenge.  I wanted this Portrait booth to be extra special, so I turned to Artist Carrie Chavers who owns The Chickasha Art Center to help me design and create the props and set design.    It takes a Village to raise a Photographer, Carrie and I created the over sized props.   Several of the antique furniture pieces were on loan from the Grady County Historical Society - Thank you Pat Cunningham.   The backdrop is custom painted by my studio and the lovely green velvet drapes are from Yesterdays' Antiques - owner Bobbie Elliot.  

BTS Photo Credit:  Carrie Chavers

Andrea M. Jones Entrepreneurs' Organization of Oklahoma Chapter Administrator was the coordinator for this amazing event.   She chose the Devon Boathouse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with it's modern architecture and furnishings.   It was an impressive and perfect venue.  

BTS Photo Credit Carrie Chavers   

BTS Photo Credit Carrie Chavers


Guests sneaking a peek of their images BTS Photo credit Johnny Trammell

Guests sneaking a peek of their images BTS Photo credit Johnny Trammell

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I really had a BLAST photographing these awesome people.  So much fun.    It was a great time for them to Vogue!  I think they all look like STARS.  


It was my desire to offer the guests an after the Oscar's Portrait booth experience,  something you would see in Vanity Fair.  I wanted them to feel like they had won an Oscar!  Everyone was so elegant and handsome. And they seemed to really enjoy the custom made props!    It was a FUN and  stunning event.

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Photo credit  Johnny Trammell 

I want to take this moment to give a big THANK YOU to Carrie Chavers, Rachael Brown and Johnny Trammell for the LOVE.   They really worked hard to help me make this happen.   A VERY special shout out to my dear friend Andrea Jones who gave me this opportunity.    You my dear are an amazing, brilliant, kind, hardworking, creative person in this world and I am very glad to call you my friend.