Afro Wisdom Collection 2014

Personal projects, I try and do at least 20 personal projects a year to push my skills and do creative work.  Afro Wisdom is one of those projects and was inspired by my friend Cynthia who is a beautiful human and especially beautiful when she wears her Fro.  A few months ago we did a Fro photo shoot, I wanted to test my lighting and black backdrop against her gorgeous big hair.   While shooting we started talking about the possibility of doing a series of Fros and Afro Wisdom was sparked.  

Cynthia went above and beyond organizing models.  She brought me fabulous people, Josiah a professional dance instructor, Neke a college student, Marcus a musician and Jerica a magazine publicist.  

Cynthia is from Tulsa, a 2.5 hour drive from me.  So when she was able to put together such talent I knew I needed to seize this opportunity.  Having no connections in Tulsa I reached out to one of my Artist friends Narciso Arguelles and he gave me the name of Amy Boewe at Living Arts.    

I want to say that the Living Arts in Tulsa ROCKS!  (  Incredible non -profit gallery.   Amy was so kind and accommodating.  We had a perfect space to set up a temporary studio, she even brought us bottled water!    

We had the best time with the photo shoot and I got a lot of great images that I will be editing throughout the month.  While I photographed, one of the models Neke, used my cell and took incredibly FUN behind the scenes photos which I love because they document the process, tells the story.  Thank you Neke!   (Behind the Scenes Photo Credit:  Neke Carey. )

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone.  

A big shout out to Josiah Kelly, Marcus James, Neke Carey, Jerica Wortham and Cynthia Cunningham for all the hard work, ENERGY and FUN you all brought to the shoot!  

Please click on an image to scroll through the gallery.  More images will be posted soon.