First official meeting Friday night of the local Photography group CLICKHEADS was a success. Organized by Photographers, CLICKHEADS is a group of 5 who meet once a month to discuss each other's current projects, review images, bounce ideas and learn.  

  Wanting to do a group project, Johnny, Tiffany and myself decided to catch some light trails and set up on a I-44 overpass near Chickasha which was a perfect vantage point.  White and red streams of light with the McDonalds sign or the Chickasha lights gave us fun backdrops.  

We had been shooting images for about an hour, when a car with very bright lights pulled onto the bridge stopping and talking to Johnny and Tiffany.  I was on the other end of the bridge and had no idea that it was a State Trooper who was responding to the "several calls" he had received about people on the bridge.  The next thing I knew Johnny and Tiffany picked up their tripods and headed quickly my way talking in a loud voice telling me that we had been asked to clear out now!   I guess I was a tad slow breaking down my equipment because the Trooper circled back and flashed his lights at me encouraging me to hurry up.  We packed up and headed home, laughing and joking about how CLICKHEADS almost got thrown into jail.  I told Johnny I was very glad an adult was with us (SMILE) because I don't handle authority figures well.    We were able to get some fun light trails and have a great story to tell.  

Johnny was able to capture the tail lights of the new Dodge Challenger, its tail lights go completely across creating a very cool effect.  See Johnny's Challenger trail light image at

Tiffany and my trail lights are below.  Please click on an image to scroll through entire gallery.