Red dress with girl

Recently purchased the ExpoDisc 77mm which allows you to set white balance quickly and easily.  I learned about the expoDisc from Lindsay Adler's Skin 101:  Lighting, Retouching and Understanding Skin via CreativeLive.  (Side note this tutorial is packed full of information and live tutorials. Highly recommend)  I have purchased other equipment and accessories recommended by Lindsay and was excited to try the ExpoDisc.  I was not disappointed.  

It does exactly what it says, easily allows the photographer to set white balance.  Process is easy and quick.  Just put the disc onto your lens (need to have a filter attached to your lens) and stand next to your model and point camera at the main light source, take a picture and it gives you a white balance image to set an in camera custom wb.  

Tested it today, and I love it.    My friend and model Madi Roberts is always willing to help out and I decided to put her fair skin in a red dress i purchased at the local Goodwill $4.00.  

Straight out of the camera the images are spot on perfect color.  It made the photo shoot flawless and FUN!  

Kuddos to ExpoDisc, this is a WINNER!  Please click image to scroll through gallery.