Z-Artscene.com Gina Zhidov Photography 2014 Year in Review

2014 - A year of incredible photography growth

 Invested in equipment:  # 1 ) a Professional Canon 5d mark 2 camera

 # 2) Two - 7 ft Westcott Parabolic Umbrellas which create the most dreamy light 

# 3) A Paul C Buff power pack, with it I can  power my 3 - b800 Alien Bee strobes and shoot anywhere, a rooftop, a parking lot, under a bridge, in a field.  

 Studio - I rearranged the studio 3 times including painting it gray with the help of Brian & Henry.  

Vaughan-Coburn Wedding - I really pushed out of my Portrait Artist comfort zone by photographing my first Wedding with my Photographer friend Betsy Gillies.   This experience was so insane great. I am thankful!!  

Norman Transcript, Tail Gating Party - A big thank you goes out to my sweet friend Misty Westfall who I have a feeling was a big help in me getting the Norman Transcript gig!  It was a FUN experience, working with the models and setting up the scenes.  Getting a 5-page spread in the Norman Transcript was such a phenomenal feeling.  And I was able to get a full page advertisement which featured one of my photos with my friend Jessica Stark!  

AFRO Series 2014 - man all I can say is WOW!  I have always been into Afros, and my friend Cynthia saw my extreme need to photograph big hair.  Cynthia arranged several of her friends in Tulsa to do an  Afro photoshoot.  We were very fortunate that Living Arts of Tulsa kindly allowed us to set up a studio in the gallery.  We were living art as patrons of the gallery would walk over and watch us do the shoot.  I met some amazing, FUN people that I now call friends!  Josiah, Neke, Marcus & Jerica, all arrived ready with great attitudes and a willingness to make it happen! 

Cyrus & Brianna Shoot - This shoot was one of those that I just had a feeling was going to be good.  Cyrus & Briana are brother and sister teenagers!    They both are so awesome.  Cyrus has a theatre background and he just rocked it.  He seemed to have the right expression at the right time.    And SWEET Brianna, what a dear person to photograph.   She gave me some beautiful stuff.  I'm very proud of the images we created that day.  Whenever I get low or insecure about my Photography ability I return to these images... I;m very proud of them.  Thank you for the inspiration you two!  

Bedroom Farce - Thanks to the amazing Katie Davis ( and I really mean that, Katie is amazing!) I was able to do the head shots for the Bedroom Farce cast.  I am always blown away at the talent that walks into my studio.  REAL people with a great vibe who are incredibly hard working.  

Foolish Philosophy Project - What can I say.... I was asked to create some cool photos for a very cool, up and coming Vinyl record company.    It was a month long process of arranging mini shoots and then arranging the Main shoot photographing awesome people in Foolish Philosophy t-shirts and hoodies.  I had a blast, an absolute blast working with so many people who were willing to help out.    A huge thank you goes out to all of the models.  You guys are so great.  Everyone came prepared and just gave it their all.  So proud of everyone.    It takes a village to raise a photographer:  Damon Mantooth, Jared Ellis, Danja MacNeill, Cynthia Cunningham, Ford Filson, Cord Courtney, Russell Cunningham, Brandon Nalley, Emma Rose Kraus, Cyrus Heilman,  Dani Jimenez. and Chas Smith.  A big thank you to Eva Wilcox for working the video!   I am very thankful for having the opportunity to create.  


Paint & Shoot, Adam and Johnny's Art Show - These two turkeys,  SMILE are my friends.

 I have known Adam for about 5 years.  He is a down to earth GOOD guy who works hard and has a beautiful family and I am very glad they are part of our community.   Adam just happens to also be a very talented Artist.  When I first learned of his talent my response was  "his shit should be in a New York gallery."    It's different, in a good way.    You want to look at it, take it in.  he is able to capture his subject and allow the viewer to SEE them.  

I met Johnny Trammel a little over a year ago at a photography class.  We hit it off right away.  He makes me laugh, although a lot of times I don't think he means to. ha!  He is a really good Photographer with a creative eye.  I have enjoyed getting to know Johnny and it's nice to have another Photographer to bounce ideas off of, talk shop so to speak.  

When I heard that Johnny and Adam were having a duo art show and that it was both their first show I was thrilled!  As an Artist it is really important to have a first show.  It gives you much needed recognition.  It mean't a lot to me to do their promotional photographs.  It was a fun evening, silliness abounded and we got some great stuff!  

2015 - one frame at a time...  

2015 is lining up to be powerful.  Starting off the new year with some BIG news:  I will be moving into a much larger studio space in January!  As some of you know, I have been looking for a workable space a very long time, about 5 years.  This new space will have a dedicated studio, plus a PROP room, a private dressing area, and I will have an office.  This opportunity is really going to move www.Z-Artscene.com forward in a big way.   I will be able to offer large group/Company/Reunion Portraits.  Large family Portraits.  Dog Portraits.   We can do real FASHION & Beauty shoots.   

This will be good for everyone.  I want to create a Photography HUB.  All things Photography. I would like to offer classes and do projects such as learn Videography.  I really want to learn how to create a quality video. 

I've been working on a new look for my business, creating a new logo and style.  Getting closer.  smile.  

I hope that everyone has a safe and great New Years Eve and here's to a beautiful New Year!  

Gina Zhidov