60d is one HOT MESS!

Haven't taken many fotos with my Canon 60d the past few weeks.   Instead, I have been researching Nikon 7100 and trying to find a way to fund it.  I called Canon regarding my concerns of my 6 month NEW 60d and was not impressed with the response. Each time I think I may have found a solution to either keeping my 60d and investing into a much nicer lens or embrace the Nikon 7100 and its very expensive lenses a fresh, more confusing problem will arise sending me back to the drawing board. The current thought is to keep the 60d and purchase a Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens - primarily for Portrait work.   I had worked my way to being comfortable in this decision until further research showed that the Sigma 85 mm 1.4 is designed for FULL frame cameras and my 60d has a smaller sensor.  It can mount on a 60d, but it will set the frame to 136mm which for my small 200 square foot studio I just don't think will give me enough space to take in the whole picture.

So, the journey continues.  Do I "dump" my Canon 60d and its inconsistent focus, no sync port, but has a great battery life?  Or, do I run into the arms of Nikon 7100 super sharp focus, high contrast, but so expensive I will have to sell a kidney to fund it?