Brutal Foto Scene 2013 Part III Model: Soraia Pargali

Day 3: The final photo shoot for the Vogue Fashion Photography Competition with only 2 days until submission deadline.   Drained and feeling a tad despondent from the previous 2 days of problematic photo shoots, I was hesitant about this final day.  I had several good, submittable images, but Vogue needed at least 12 and up to 20.     With this final shoot, there was a lot of pressure on Soraia and myself. Soraia Pargali is a professional career person and a single mother of three.  So, when she willingly carved out time and energy to help me with my project I was even more determined to make this happen.

We got the idea to create a sand/ocean fashion, working with some teal fabric for the ocean and some champagne, crinkled textured fabric for the sand.    We draped and wrapped and twisted fabric onto Soraia creating some intriguing designs. But, at that point of a 3 day photo shoot I had lost my Foto Mojo. It seemed that no matter the angle, lighting, position - I just wasn’t feeling it.  To my surprise, I called it quits.  I just didn’t have the heart to put Soraia through what seemed to be playing out as another ”Brutal Foto Scene. “  There are no images from that photo shoot, but Soraia has modeled previously for me; in fact, she was a Super Star with her images as Betty Davis - the funk singer, actress and model in the 60’s & 70’s.   For a class project I needed to recreate a photo shoot by an inspirational photographer.  I chose photographer Herb Ritts and his b&w images of famous people.  I chose Betty Davis because although she was quite well known in her time -  very few folks know of her today.  All I can say is Soraia Pargali NAILED it!!  Her spicy attitude and striking features captured the essence of Betty Davis.  It was an incredible Foto scene full of energy. Things just clicked!   The images are so perfect, that I submitted them in a Photo Slam contest at the Oklahoma Museum Of Art and they were accepted.  Her images became part of a 5 minute presentation in front of a 200 member audience.  Here is Soraia Pargali as Betty Davis!

IMG_8127 M cropped 60's bw 7x10 IMG_8108 Q 60's bw 7x10 IMG_8103 R 60's bw 7x10